This section is intended to address frequently asked questions about our tattoo supplies, shipping times and many more inquiries you may have.

We know you may have many questions when choosing a trusted supplier of tattoo supplies, and that is why our commitment to you is always honesty and transparency, so please read through this list carefully.

Have a question that is not listed here? Reach out to us via email, we'll get back to you soon.

How long has your company been around? It was formed in 2016. 

Can I get a free sample before I order? We are happy to send samples when available to customers.

What gloves are the right ones for me? Please speak with us for a free consultation. One of our brands will be the perfect, size, thickness and material for you. 

Can I get a discount code for my order? You can find a discount code via one of our sponsored tattoo artists or tattoo shops.

Where do you supply tattoo supplies? We supply over 2000 shops across 49 states in the US.

Who are your manufacturers and where are they based? Our products are manufactured in USA and Asia. All of our manufacturers and brands are famous brands loved by tattoo artists across the US.